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50-year-old F-100 gets new lease on life – project ChargeZilla Ep.1 is online

EV Team October 30, 2022 F Series Builders Guide

TFL‘s biggest project is now Live – Ep.1 of “Old to Bold: Chargezilla” series published today.  Lots of people worked very hard on this superb build, including the Legacy EV presented in this episode.

Enjoy this episode:

This 1965 Ford F100 is about as classic as American trucks get, but the TFL team is taking this truck in a direction that wasn’t even possible half a century ago: It’s going electric.

In the meantime, you can read all about it in the brand-new issue of EVBG!


Legacy EV’s Rob, Mavrick and TFL’s André geeking out about exciting EV solutions





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