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  • Balboa777 started a blog post Update soon?

    Update soon?

    I have noticed that motortopia is no longer as active, due to no updates to the site to keep it up with the times. I love this site, and have been on it for years. i think its time for an update to get more people active on here, get the tournaments up...
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  • Balboa777 started a blog post Lets talk LIVE

    Lets talk LIVE

    UPDATE HOW TO Brad has made some changes to the server so that you can change the channels after you join so here is the revised how to Also if you downloaded the client it may ask you to update the software as it did me on 8-14-2011 --- OK, Heres something...
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  • Balboa777 started a blog post First car

    First car

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    Does every1 think this is a good 1st car? i know what i know but i want 2 hear every1s comment and opinions. i had it right where i wanted exept 4 the paint, wanted 2 paint it the black wit green ghost flames. and 4 those who dont know, this was my first...
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