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  • Age: 32
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Orlando, Florida
    United States
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I wouldnt say that... With enough money anything is possiable. I was racing in Gainesville a few years ago and there was a 8 second pink civic. There is just way to many things to list that I want to do to the vette its an on-going project. It will never be done.
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I topped my GTI out at about 155 on a closed 2 mile straight. In 5th gear at about 6000RPMs(its a 6-speed) and I had to stop pushing it because I wouldnt of had enough room to slow down, so i dunno what its top speed is yet.
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Ive been doing this to long to put down other peoples rides I know how much work and time goes into cars to respect what I see. Even if it isnt a vette lol. Be a pretty plain world if we all drove the same cars. Currently Im at 421 rwhp and 430 torque. But that should be changing real soon.
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