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  • ChevroletBuick1 started a blog post Cool news!

    Cool news!

    Hey everyone! Have some news for you all! I was accepted into my college of choice which is a community college in my area. I am going for automotive service-GM. I went to an informational meeting and I have to do a paid internship at a dealership in the...
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  • ChevroletBuick1 started a blog post Hey everyone!

    Hey everyone!

    Hey all! Sorry I haven't been on here very much. I have been super busy. I'm back in school but have the day off tomorrow from school because my area (Webster NY up near Lake Ontario) is supposed to be around -30F. I am in my senior year of high school now....
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  • ChevroletBuick1 started a blog post April Updates

    April Updates

    Well last month I forgot to mention that my girlfriend and I went to Disney World in Florida! It was awesome and we had a ton of fun! First I will start off with model cars. Ok I know I havent been doing much but I have been super busy. The visible V8 has...
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  • ChevroletBuick1 started a blog post Feb. 23 2013

    Feb. 23 2013

    Hey everyone! Well heres a short update since I haven't really been up to very much. I am working on the visible v8 engine, just waiting on one piece to get in from revell. Thats about it for models. I don't have any new ones to work on! The sears...
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