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  • CrimsonKrush started a blog post Just a hack

    Just a hack

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    Well I finished notching one side of the frame for the back wheels. Only took a 1/2 inch out but that should be enough. I plan to drive this car not win trophies with it so I'm not going to smooth anything out or make it look pretty. Still need to notch the...
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  • CrimsonKrush started a blog post What a year

    What a year

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    Well it's been a while since my last post and allot has happened since then. The Cutless is gone. The wife changed her mind and wanted a motorcycle instead. So I bought her an '80 Honda CM400t. Great starter bike but she is already out grown it and is...
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  • CrimsonKrush started a blog post Cutlass Work pt5

    Cutlass Work pt5

    Well after fooling around with the 3.8 for a month tring to get it to idle right I decided to put the 305 back in it after I found the right 305 (had 350 heads on it) heads for it. Both needed a lot of cleaning. The engine was painted brite green (of all...
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  • CrimsonKrush started a blog post Cutlass Work pt4

    Cutlass Work pt4

    Well got the 3.8 button'd up, dropped in and fired up since my last post. Sounds good and strong too. Going to be working on replacing the trans filter and pan gasket. Then dump some fluids in and hope it works. This 200-r4 that I put back in has been...
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  • CrimsonKrush started a blog post Cutlass Work pt3

    Cutlass Work pt3

    Monte work has been put on hold for now till the Salon is running. Got the AC box in. Wasnt bad really and didnt have to remove the fender either. Focus is now on the wiring and getting the 3.8 cleaned up and installed. Need to replace the oil pickup...
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  • CrimsonKrush started a blog post Cutlass Work pt2

    Cutlass Work pt2

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    Ok... finally got the '84 Cutlass parts car Sat night and started the tear down Sunday morning. The AC box was smashed on the Salon so I figured I'd star there. UGH what a PIA just getting the old one out! Getting the one out of the parts car doesnt look to...
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  • CrimsonKrush started a blog post Cutlass work

    Cutlass work

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    Well over the past weekend I pulled the motor and trans from the Cutlass and found that the trans was probably pulling water from the radiator cooler because the fluid that came out of it looked like Pepto Bismol. Yuck! Luckly I have another 200-4r sitting...
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  • CrimsonKrush started a blog post Monte Work 3

    Monte Work 3

    Well got the frame 80% painted only to have to have to strip it back down. I used POR-15 Chassis Black which is just paint instead of using the Rust Preventive Paint which actually bonds and hardens to bare steel. Just a note to those that are going to do...
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