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  • Dark_Helmet started a blog post I hate this car...

    I hate this car...

    So, I take the car to the shop to have the springs swapped and snows put on... should be about $400 maybe $500 with a couple extra fixes tossed in. um, wow. 1) Bent strut 2) destroyed backing plates on rear brakes, which means 3) needs new wheel bearings...
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  • Dark_Helmet started a blog post IT LIVES AGAIN!!!!


    Went out to the car yesterday and the clutch pedal was not meaninfully connected to the clutch fork. thankfully I had forseen such events (with some prodding) and my new clutch slave had arrived tuesday afternoon. Last night I put it on and bled the...
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  • Dark_Helmet started a blog post IT LIVES!!!!!

    IT LIVES!!!!!

    well phase one is finally complete... I drove the car (YES, DROVE THE CAR) to the exhaust shop tonight to have it sorted out/welded up, and I purged and bled the coolant system (will have to bleed it again, I'm sure). huge thanks to armen for helping me...
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  • Dark_Helmet started a blog post More Progress...

    More Progress...

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    Last night I buttoned up the motor... the lump is all in there... I hope! the valve cover gasket was a HUGE pain, but otherwise, I'll start throwing the intake manifold and fuel and ignition systems together tonight. I just hope I remember where...
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