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  • FordFanboi started a blog post 408 buildup

    408 buildup

    Ran across all the part numbers from the 408 buildup back in 2004 and figured this was a great place for me to store them. :) - AD Performance - 408ci Stroker Kit (Scat 9000 Crank (4.00") / Scat Forged Rods (6.2") / Probe Forged Pistons (19.3cc dish) )...
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  • FordFanboi started a blog post Body modifications

    Body modifications

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    I've begun work on the fiberglass 3.25" flared fenders. There are no mounting holes pre-drilled, so I should be able to get the fit pretty straight. After fitting and drilling holes, I'll paint the fenders separate then the rest of the body. Painted the...
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  • FordFanboi started a blog post 90% complete

    90% complete

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    Got lotsa land - anyone wanna build me a garage?!?! =) Weather is seriously hampering my efforts in the carport. I've installed the UCAs, 2" drop shock tower cap, coil-overs, and mini sub frame with LCAs. I still need to yank the radiator and mount the...
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  • FordFanboi started a blog post Installation started

    Installation started

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    I've torn down one side and have installed the 2" lowering shock tower cap for the coil-overs to mount to. I test fit the coil-overs and it seems to clear fine. Next is the UCAs. Last will be installing the mini subframe. On first inspection, I'll have...
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