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  • JavelinGurl started a blog post Long Time

    Long Time

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    Hi everyone, I didn't forget you all, just haven't been on the site forever. Something about tryng to get cars running and all that stuff keeps you busy, not to mention family stuff. Soooo the 360 has been in for awhile, a 750 Edelbrock, Custom ground...
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  • JavelinGurl started a blog post It's out

    It's out

    Well it's official... The 258 is out of the car and after some clean up, some fabricated motor mounts and such, the 360 will start to appear. I hope to see it in by the end of January first of February if all goes well.
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  • JavelinGurl started a blog post Engine Swap

    Engine Swap

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    Well it's count down time for the engine swap on the Javelin. the current 258 is comin out and in goes a Chrysler 360, with a 920 tranny. Heads are bored out 30 over and the machine shop ground a custom cam for my beauty. After the engine is in we will...
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