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  • JewelBaby started a blog post Dad's Truck 3

    Dad's Truck 3

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    Before hitting the books on Tuesday, I took the key out to the truck and attempted to open the lower side compartment on the bed of the truck. In the picture I've attached you can see the compartment, but it's on the lower passanger side, near the door, but...
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  • JewelBaby started a blog post Dad's Truck 2

    Dad's Truck 2

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    After attending my Niece's graduation from High School and having lunch at a place that was supposed to be yummy (okay, I had the veggie burger with low-fat cottage cheese), Mom and I went to DMV and got my Dad's truck transferred to my name. It felt so...
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  • JewelBaby started a blog post Dad's Truck

    Dad's Truck

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    PLEASE NOTE: The photo I am attaching to this blog is NOT a picture of my vehicle. It's one that represents what she will look like when she is painted and restored. The picture was captured from the internet and it is for sale she's not mine. The photo is...
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