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  • KALSS started a blog post First Lay-Down
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    First Lay-Down

    I recently got the carbs back on and decided to take a small test ride. I thought nah screw the helmet Im just taking it down the alley and back to the garage. So I get to the end of the alley and turn around to go back to the garage. I was about half...
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  • KALSS started a blog post And the hits keep coming.
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    And the hits keep coming.

    Yep got the truck in the body shop again. I was at a friends house and got backed into again. If you are keeping cound that makes three times in just a fewmonths. This time It was 2200 dollars damage and truck in the shop for a week. I did get a pretty...
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  • KALSS started a blog post Rear Ended
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    Rear Ended

    Whats up everyone I know I havent been on here for a hile but im doing body work on my truck. I was rearended while at the auto shop to have window tint installed so i have been trying to get my truck back together and weld on my roll pan before i get the...
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  • KALSS started a blog post New Pictures
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    New Pictures

    Well, here they are 14 of the newest pictures available. These were take right after i had washd it so in some the carwash is in the backround. Please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks alot.
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