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  • Kestrel started a blog post The Intimidator

    The Intimidator

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    THIS is "The Intimidator", a 2002 Monte Carlo SS, Dale Earnhardt Signature series, #1,591 of 3,333 produced. So far: I added a K&N Air Intake System I upgraded the exhaust to a "Dyno-Max" cat back system I added drilled and slotted rotors and ceramic...
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  • Kestrel started a blog post Intimidator


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    As you may well know already, I bought this from an Auto Broker in Avon, Mass. Needless to say, I could not physically SEE the vehicle, but, bought it anyway. I did not feel *ripped off* actually FAR from it, but the minor damage was not worthy of what this...
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  • Kestrel started a blog post Intimidator SS

    Intimidator SS

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    This "High Sport" 2002 Monte Carlo SS, is the much sought after "Intimidator" model. I bought it July 1, 2010. It has two-tone gray and pewter seats, the "RCR" logo, Dale Earnhardt's signature, along with the "High Sport" creature comforts The...
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