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  • Mr_Project started a blog post 4/30/07 Update

    4/30/07 Update

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    Minor update: Didn't get the speaker box built yet, but I got the windshield installed (that's the last piece of glass!) and the headlight wiring done so I could install the headlights. The new front body harness is almost entirely custom-made. It goes...
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  • Mr_Project started a blog post 4/21/07 Update

    4/21/07 Update

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    Ok, I actually finally got a little time to work on the car. My day job has been nuts lately, but I had most of the day today to work on it, and will have Monday and Tuesday off to get some things done around here, so hopefully more progress will be made...
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  • Mr_Project started a blog post 2/12/07 Update

    2/12/07 Update

    Well, just a little more incremental progress on the rear suspension and drivetrain. The axles, rear control arms, trailing arm toe links, and some of the heater plumbing are all hooked up. It's been too cold here to make much progress!
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  • Mr_Project started a blog post 01/01/07 Update

    01/01/07 Update

    Got the rear doors and rear door jambs drilled today for the Painless Wiring jam-tak connectors that will provide power for the power door locks/keyless entry. Also got dynamat-style insulation in the doors for a little extra sound deadening, and got one...
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  • Mr_Project started a blog post 12/27/06 Update

    12/27/06 Update

    Summary of the last couple weeks: - New Door seals installed - I found out that the black plastic 'retainers' that Clark's provides with the 'exact repro' are just a LITTLE bigger than the holes. I had to drill out the OE holes in the doors just a little...
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  • Mr_Project started a blog post 12/11/06 Update

    12/11/06 Update

    WOW! I got the car back on Friday and just can't stop looking at the car. Pics don't really do it justice, the paint guys did REALLY nice work. It won't be a show car, just a nice driver, but it came out very nicely and I'm very happy with the work....
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  • Mr_Project started a blog post 12/02/06


    I was at the body shop today working on a non-Corvair project (sorry!) and got to see my car all's still being cut down and polished, but it's pretty much all there, and it looks AMAZING. I can't wait to get it put back together! I took a...
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