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  • ROLNGTZ started a blog post Linln LS Facelift!!!

    Linln LS Facelift!!!

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    New parts are arriving for my 2000 Lincoln LS "facelift". Hopeing to have everything painted and installed by March. First parts to arrive were 2006 Lincoln LS 2nd Gen fodling mirrors. Last of the parts are schedule to arrive tomorrow.
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  • ROLNGTZ started a blog post New 22's

    New 22's

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    Found a local TBSS owner selling his TBSS. I called him amd asked if he would be interested in a straight up trade of wheels and tires? My OEM TBSS 20's for his aftermakret 22's. He said "yes". So I now have a set of 22" Verde Thorax black 22's with...
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  • ROLNGTZ started a blog post CustomGrille Inserts!!!

    CustomGrille Inserts!!!

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    I didn't want to spend over a $100 for grille inserts I not like. So I made my own. I had some grille mesh from a previous project. What the hell. I made my own for less then $10. Eleven piec grille insert set. Also painted the Chevy Bowtie to give a brush...
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  • ROLNGTZ started a blog post NO MORE CHROME!!!!


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    I finally got rid of the last of the chrome trim on the Lincoln LS. There was a chrome trim molding around the side window front and rear doors. Took some 1/2" black striping and covered it up. Painting the chrome would a losing battle. Removing the fragile...
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