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  • Razgriz81 started a blog post Just thinking about it

    Just thinking about it

    I'm thinking about building a Chevrolet 302 for my 81 Camaro. yes I do know that the 383 stroker makes more power but I'm thinking of the days when some of you might of been around and driven some of the Z28s with the 302. My dad tells me stories of his 70...
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  • Razgriz81 started a blog post YEAH


    ok i got the car to run. the way that i did it is i found the power wire going to the fuel pump and spiced into it with a wire coming from the postive post on the battery. the fuel pump still works (thank god lol). the only thing now is that i got to change...
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  • Razgriz81 started a blog post MAN


    Man the fuel pump won't come on. I got the car to run yesterday with starting fluid, and it sounded nice. but I don't know if the pump works or not. I looked in a repair manual and there is no fuse for it on the 1992 Camaro RS. Ether I got to change it or...
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