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  • Simon started a blog post 205 : 1 - 0 : Attrition
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    205 : 1 - 0 : Attrition

    Well, the trusty 205 completed the toughest 400 miles it'll do for a while I think! First of all, I was horrendously late getting down to Bristol for the drive down to Chris's so the car was thrashed good and proper on the way down there - cruised just...
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  • Simon started a blog post All is well, for now...
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    All is well, for now...

    Well, the dramatic tale of clamping I related in my last journal entry ended in a most bizarre way. I arrived at my car in the early morning armed with what I hoped were sufficient tools to dismantle my suspension and remove the clamp, only to find the...
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  • Simon started a blog post Clamped!
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    With my new engine and box weighing the rear of the car down greatly (£50 in the end, including alternator and carb - bargain!), my car has been imprisoned by some cowboy cockface under the name of Able Parking Services. I was parked behind WHSmiths in...
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  • Simon started a blog post Failed MOT
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    Failed MOT

    The XS came back from Royal Park Garage today where they got it running right (turned out the leads were on in the wrong order) and ran an MOT test on it. It failed on the following: -Nearside rear seatbelt retracting mechanism defective -Front windscreen...
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