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  • SquadCars started a blog post Thank you Asshole!

    Thank you Asshole!

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    yesterday ( sat) while parked at work . some **** backed into my car and took off. didnt leave any info or nothing. and ****ed up my door and fender. thanks. . now i got to eat the 1200 its going to take to fix it.. again THANKS ALOT ****. i know its...
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  • SquadCars started a blog post 2012 PPV Taurus

    2012 PPV Taurus

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    its official ..as of 2012 the crown vic/ police interceptor is GONE. and its replacement is?...........you got it the Taurus ....more info coming thje car will have 2 options Patrol Version-- with standard v6 (260 hp)and front wheel drive and the Pursuit...
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  • SquadCars started a blog post ALWAYS LOOKING


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    to all. im always looking for more cop cars. FORD ,MOPAR,AMC,GM.. what ever ya got.. mostly looking for cars from the 60s-90s. currently hunting for 1984-92 tauruses, 1977-84 LTD2's, 85-90 Celebritys, 82-92 Mustangs and 78-84 Malibu,s and 1979 91 LTD-CROWN...
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  • SquadCars started a blog post My other Garage

    My other Garage

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    posting pics of My other Garage. my Die Cast and Plastic Model one. I have over 1000 diecast and Plastic Cars.. Im always looking for more.. if you have any you want to sell or trade or? please feel free to get ahold of me.
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