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  • SupermanLives started a blog post Won a 2010 Camaro

    Won a 2010 Camaro

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    Last Month I entered a Contest at a Local Chevy Dealer, "Hare Chevrolet" called the Hare Fantasy Test Drive. Well I won and I got a white 2010 Camaro. The reason i was picked was because my wife had to give up her Camaro years ago because we needed a family...
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  • SupermanLives started a blog post New Seat Covers

    New Seat Covers

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    I finally got the pics uploaded, I changed the Seat covers in the truck to match the interior a little better. I loved the Blue and Red ones but since they were one of a kind i was a little worried something was going to happen to them so i got Black ones...
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1 – 10 of 21

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