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ThatChevyGuy is hatin those idiot ass Ricers — updated 10 years ago

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    Now that i got the Sentra s my DD, its time i put some serious work in on the Camaro. So tommorow ill be doing a full tune-up. Cap, Rotor, Spark Plugs, Oil Change, and a TPS...

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stay usa remeber pearl harber
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damn nice rides u got
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The definition of camaro on urbandictionary:

A beautiful, ungodly fast car that can be picked up for about $8000 and will **** on your eurotrash wannabe porsche's or Jags and your homo-erotic ricer club boyz.

hands down the most bang for your buck

"give me $1200 for suspsension, and my camaro will embarass your expensive imports all day long on the track."

"the only way to make a camaro vs. import race interesting is to start in 3rd gear."
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