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  • Vagabond started a blog post Frigid and Boosted

    Frigid and Boosted

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    Reassembled the car and got it running one day before my arbitrary Dec 09 deadline. Car is now 90% complete and it comes equipped with heat. Pimp. Working on getting Nistune installed and tuned as well as the V-mount IC and Radiator setup finalized. Plans...
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  • Vagabond started a blog post So Shiny!

    So Shiny!

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    Engine is 90% back together. I paused the build to order new Hi Flow Fuel Rails and Calculate some cam specs. Before the rails come in, I'm tapping the intake manifold for the direct port nitrous injection, so I wont have to pull the manifolds off later....
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  • Vagabond started a blog post Down again. Up again.

    Down again. Up again.

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    Blew the head gasket. Buy Nissan only. It's time for the next level. Engine and transmission are getting a nice over haul with some new seals and gaskets, T3, light weight flywheel, aluminum drive-shaft and 6 puck clutch. Also added some new poly parts...
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  • Vagabond started a blog post Suspension


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    Better late then never. Well the suspension Is just about done, This includes the brakes, wheels, and tires. Still rebuilding the extra turbo motor and soon to start the interior Stereo and computer install...
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  • Vagabond started a blog post Project Goals

    Project Goals

    1: To match the factory performace of Nissans latest Z car. 2: To create a unique and interesting interpretation of Nissans legended Z cars. 3: To have a kick ass 80's ride that even chicks can dig! 4: To be faster than you.
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