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  • Age: 59
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  • Address: Rio Rancho, New Mexico
    United States
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Just when I think the car is ready to terrorize the streets of Rio Rancho... I find out that the fuel sending unit is LEAKING!!! arggg... and guess what? NOBODY, and I mean, NOBODY makes a replacement.
(any suggestions would be appreciated here.)
Soooo... in my usual manor, I ordered something that's supposed to fit ANOTHER car, (a chevelle), and am going to cut off the sending unit assembly and jury-rig it onto my OLD sending unit mounting plate.. UGH!! much as I hate it, it's the only way to make this thing work without sending the wrong part back and waiting for them to send something from some OTHER year Chevy... and I can't wait that long. The oldsmobile is getting worse and worse. Not sure how much longer I can coax it along. AND
YES, the Vega looks pretty sorry now, with the new vents in the hood and the old bondo falling off. (haha) but I don't care. It goes REALLY REALLY FAST !
I'll paint it someday.
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Had to rework the passenger side header to exhaust pipe connection. welder didn't quite get it FLAT against the collecter, (and there was a small HOLE that needed to be welded shut). Now I have to jury-rig a piece of exhaust pipe into the new curve I ended up with after rotating the connectionn to the header around to clear everything, (AGAIN).

UGH! kinda frustrated here, in case you don't see it. 8-(
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Shipping a 390 V8? If I was paying, I'd hate to find out, but I'll try.
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