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“A Slice of Orange” An online Exclusive Feature

Adam Johnson October 19, 2021 OBS Builders Guide

At the age of 14, Hershel Newman purchased his first Car for $50. Hard to believe he still has this 1950 Ford Today. Some might say Hershel is a collector of fine cars. He owns a 55,57, 63,65,67 Chevrolet, several motorcycles, a corvette, and a 32 Ford. The car he has always wanted a 1937 Ford Truck. The love of the 37 Ford is from his grandfather. Hershel grew up always wanting his grandfathers’ 37 Ford truck which he owned for 30 years. Since the truck was sold without his knowledge, Hershel has been on the hunt for a 37 Ford truck just like his grandfathers. While attending a The Pigeon Forge Rod Run, Hershel came across this sunset orange pearl 1937 ford.

Truck Specs

Owner:    Hershel and Linda Newman

Truck:      1937 Ford Pickup

Name:      Slice of Orange

Location:     Soddy Daisy TN


Exterior:    Fully shaved, Suicide doors, Electric Tonneau cover, Painted HOK Sunset Orange Metal Flake Pearl.

Chassis/Suspension:   Custom Frame with Cutouts for exhaust. Adjustable coil overs

Wheels/Tires:    17 in Riddler with 245/45zr/17

Engine:    Stock 302 with chrome and paint

Interior:   Full custom tan leather, Custom built seats, custom built center console and door panels, LED Lights, custom wrapped steering wheel.


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