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Motortopia Staff September 22, 2023 Press Release

LANSING, MI – Air suspension specialist Air Lift Performance has launched a new front kit for the 2022-2023 Subaru WRX AWD while utilizing the existing rear kit.

Air Lift Performance kits are designed to provide maximum drop, superior handling, sharp steering response, and a comfortable ride on the street or at a show.

The front kit for the Subaru WRX (PN 78156) features progressive rate, double bellows air springs over a high-performance monotube, and threaded body struts. The shocks feature 30-level damping adjustment, allowing the ride to be perfectly tailored to any unique performance needs. All these elements combine to drop the vehicle 94mm (3.7”) from stock ride height.

The existing rear kit (PN 78641) is a similar setup, featuring the progressive rate sleeve-style air springs paired with monotube and threaded-body shocks, with 30 levels of damping adjustability, dropping the vehicle 130mm (5.1”) from stock.

All Air Lift Performance kits are torture-tested on in-house validation equipment, illustrating the company’s commitment to delivering quality parts. Beyond Air Lift Performance’s excellent reputation for customer service and technical support, the front and rear Subaru WRX kits are backed by a one-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.

To purchase, visit and find a dealer near you.


About Air Lift Performance

Air Lift Performance, a division of Air Lift Company based in Lansing, Michigan, has over 70 years of performance excellence legacy – from a win in the first Daytona 500 to victories in today’s Redline and Global Time Attack events. Air Lift Performance is committed to engineering, manufacturing, and selling the highest quality suspension products with the versatility to handle the streets and shows. Air Lift Performance products are available at retailers across the country and internationally. For more information or additional product photos, find Air Lift Performance online at or call (517) 999-2121.

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