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1928 Hudson Woodie

A Couple of Friends Build a Hudson Hot Rod—and a Car Business Longtime friends Ben McCloy and Scott Satterla didn't intend to open a hot rod shop. It simply happened...
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Bobby Mahoney Rescued this Blown '62 Impala from north Dakota Ditch Life is a series of the darnedest experiences. Southern Californian Bobby Mahoney certainly had his pick of rust-free early...
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Replace, Restore, Build—your Project Starts here. This is our second annual SPS where we take a look at some cool products that will perhaps inspire you to complete or modify...
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“Exclusive” Wheel Boze Forged’s new Clutch wheel is part of the company’s unique Xclusive series. This stylish V-shaped five-spoke wheel is designed for street rod, muscle car and performance fitments....
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1955 Chevy Gasser

Chevy Gasser The term “Gasser” evolved from NHRA’s classification that originated in the late ’50s, “Gas Coupe/Sedan.” The Gasser Wars of the ’60s and ’70s became one of the most...
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1966 Shelby Mustang GT350

This ’66 Shelby GT350 Has Been Lovingly Maintained by Mark Lopez’s Family for 46 Years It was a cloudy East Bay area kind of day when I shook Mark Lopez’s...
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1950 Sedan Deluxe

A ’50 Sedan Deluxe Built to Cruise The first post-war years were spent getting back to a new normal, and by that time Americans had been through more than two...
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