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Available Nationwide May 31st 2022, EV Builder’s Guide, brought to you by Street Trucks!

Chris Hamilton March 08, 2022 OBS Builders Guide

We’ve seen it. We’ve talked about it. And now, we’re going to dive deep into the world of electric motor-swapped RestoMods to show you what they’re really all about. Are they as good as they say? Is the reliability truly there? How hard is it to comprehend, and how expensive is it to get into? Are there any entry-level upgrades, or does everything require an unlimited budget?

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These are the questions we’ve been asking ourselves and the ones we want to answers. But we’re not going to take someone else’s word for it. We’re going to live it ourselves! With the help of our partners at Legacy EV, we are officially launching a new magazine title under the Engaged Media automotive network.

EV Builder’s Guide centers solely on the lifestyle surrounding vehicles with their combustion engine replaced with an electric motor. Our editorial team received the green light to scour the country in search of the highest quality hotrods that burn 0 miles per gallon. We also traveled across the country to experience the first-ever Holley High-Voltage EV fest in California.

To add to our journalistic integrity, we have signed up to become official EV-certified technicians through the national EV-certification network that Legacy EV has established. With this training, our team will have the core knowledge it takes to explain the engineering and document our discoveries. These are exciting times and we’re proud to be at the forefront of electric vehicle journalism.

Look for this new publication on stands nationwide May 31 at a bookstore near you!

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