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BATTLE IN BAMA EVENT COVERAGE – Cool Trucks and a Battleship!

BRANDON BURRELL November 08, 2023 Events

When it comes to cool venues for car shows, the grounds for Battle in Bama, presented by Ultimate Audio Fabrication, stand out for sure. The event is held at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, Alabama, with show vehicles surrounded by jets, tanks, helicopters, and even a battleship. This show always brings out some of the best vehicles from all over the country to park in this cool venue—and this year was no exception.

When you pull into the show, you see some of the main vendor and sponsor booths lining the road with the “VIP Row, presented by New Creations” vehicles making a huge first impression. But then you notice the military vehicles permanently on display, tucked among the show vehicles, and a massive US Navy battleship looming at the edge of the venue. This adds to the overall feel and flow of the show.

As you work your way around the main entrance road, several top-level C10s are lined up in what is known as the “C10 Million Dollar Row, presented by LMC” followed by the “OBS Takeover Row, presented by CK Syndicate.” This entire stretch of the road was home to the best-of-the-best trucks from the weekend. There were also several club sections and a massive vendor section where you could pick up or check out everything from air-ride parts to custom-built golf carts. With this many vendors set up, it was easy to keep the crowd busy when they weren’t checking out more than 1,300 show vehicles. Then, when it came time to grab some food, there were more food vendors than we’ve ever seen at a show, which is something this show is also known for—keeping the wait times down when it’s time to eat.

This awesome 1956 Ford F-600 owned by Wade Sutton and built by Classic Car Studio took home the coveted Best of Show award.

With plenty of events throughout the weekend, such as the Tacos on the Battleship (that was moved indoors this year due to construction on the ship) and a corn hole competition just to name a couple, spectators and showgoers were busy the whole time. Even though Mother Nature wanted to throw a few rain showers and a quick storm into the mix, that didn’t slow things down at all. For the bulk of the show, the weather was actually nice.

After the show closed each day, every hotel in town was like a big family reunion where people hung out and talked trucks and life with friends from all over the country. It’s full, busy, weekend events like this that keep the custom vehicle lifestyle thriving all over the county.

For more information on this event and to keep up with next year’s event that Craig and Rosalyn Rowley put on, head over to @battleinbama on Instagram, Battle in Bama on Facebook, or on the web.

MTI Automotive Designs brought out a few of the show’s biggest winners with their high-end builds.

The Joe Rowley Memorial award went to Bubba Jones and was an emotional one that brought the crowd to their feet as they recognized how significant it was.


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