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” Beyonce” A Digital Exclusive ’97 Chevy C3500!

Adam Johnson October 06, 2021 Events


Chris calls his 1997 Chevy C3500 dually “Beyonce ”. Jennifer Moore, His significant other named his dually that because of the wide fenders.  She said it has wide hips like Beyonce.

Truck Specs
Owner:          Chris Denton
Truck:            1997 Chevy C3500
Name:           Beyonce
Location:       Lewisburg TN
Club:              No Regrets

Engine:          1997  Chevy 7.4 V8 stock rebuilt by Tyler Dale of Ricks Restoration

Chassis/Suspension:  1997 Chevy 3500 Frame, Notched with 4link and watts bar
Slam Re7 front and Slam Re8 on rear, Michigan Metal Works upper and lower control arms. Performed By Tyler Dale of Ricks Restoration

Wheels/Tires:  24 inch Alcoa with Lexan Tires

Exterior: 05 GMC Sierra Grille,  Custom front bumper, custom front wheel tubs, back bumper shaved, rear doors suicide, ragtop, HOK Tangelo Orange with pearl white, candy blue, candy red skulls and graphics performed by Wilsons Bodyshop

Interior:  Bench seat front and rear covered in leather and suede, custom door panels and painted dash.

Special Thanks:

Chris would like to thank his significant other Jennifer Moore and a special thanks to Buddies Garage,” I would like to think Adam Johnson for being a great friend for so many years and I wouldn’t want anybody in the world to shoot my truck and share this moment with I would like to think Jonathon Lawrence aka “Gilligan ” for being my close friend for all this years, my dad for always believing in me and always keeping me in the garage with you and supplying me with knowledge I love you dude and my mom for trying to understand why I spend all my money and time on this trucks I would like to thank all my OG friends that gave me a hard time when I was younger. Chad Jesse, Jeremy Carroll, Jimmy Oliver, Drew Deskins, Bobby Wilson, Jason McCracken, Kevin Miller, Shaun Roberts and special thanks to friend I miss like crazy Jonathon Moore “RIP” we love ya and miss you man.”

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