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For all of you who thought you would grow up to be a great radio personality or maybe have crowds of people listen to every word; well, now you have a chance to be an announcer at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

From our friends in Atlanta comes this offer:

Atlanta Motor Speedway is offering fans the opportunity to be the next great announcer from the Peach State during the track’s Friday Night Drags series this summer, calling all of the action during each night of racing.

Friday Night Drags non-points season opener is scheduled for June 6 and fans are invited to participate in a live audition, earning the right to be the track’s public address announcer this summer.

Slated for twelve events, Friday Night Drags has been tremendously successful, regularly drawing crowds of 5,000 spectators to AMS for heads-up drag racing down AMS’ eighth-mile pit-road drag strip.

“We are searching for someone passionate about drag racing,” said Ed Clark, AMS president and general manager. “We could select a professional announcer, but we want someone who will have fun interacting with the crowd. They don’t have to have any previous experience, just someone who will enjoy this unique opportunity.”

Fans interested in participating in the audition should visit, click on the Friday Night Drags link and register online, or fans can mail their contact information to: Atlanta Motor Speedway, Attn.: Friday Night Drags PA, P.O. Box 500, Hampton, GA 30228. The track will contact those interested individually and provide further details.

If you are a Motortopia member, get on out there and try this. If could be a lot of fun.

P.S. Some advice from someone in our office says you need to be sure to turn off the mic when you are telling personal stories or the kinds of jokes you wouldn't tell at church. :-)