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By now, a lot of you have received your so-called "economic stimulus" money, and the rest should be getting yours soon. Regardless of whether or not we think this is a going to have any effect whatsoever on the economy, the money is coming.

When the program was first announced, visions of modding my car danced in my head. I finally decided on a sweet exhaust system for my car. I bookmarked the site, kept frantically reading reviews of which exhaust system was better on forums, and basically obsessed over it for weeks. But now, sadly, that money is just going to be used to pay some bills. So much for that idea.

So how about you, is your money going toward a cool mod for your car or motorcycle or other toy? Or is it going toward paying the bills, or even put into savings? Or will it be your summer "gasoline fund"? Tell us what you have planned in the comments!