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This is the engine that drives America and it is uniquely an American Event.

Now after having spent two full days wandering around SEMA, I can report that ingenuity is alive and well. Yesterday was sort of like the State Fair that caught my attention as a young man. I was always fascinated with the demos...the folks showing and telling about their wares and services.

Yesterday I watched folks demonstrate new buffers, creams, polishes, and other things that make a car or vehicle nice and shiny and protect it from the elements. Wow. I saw cloudy finished get shined up in instants.

Here are some of the highlights of the day.

I had fun looking and testing the new Autonet Mobile down the road and connect to the internet. Oh, and the new Sony car amplifiers. Wow. Great, clear sound. With those you would be spending more time in the car.

And, interesting to me as something new in the Gentex Rear Camera Display. I know lots of folks that could use that.

A panel discussion by the woman of NSRA was informative. Peggy Llewellyn, Karen Stoffer, Hillary Will, Melanie Troxel and Ashley Force talked about how it is for women in drag racing. Hey, all the women in my life have proved to me that women can do anything they put their minds to... and this talk showed it as well. Very interesting.

Also interesting to me was the Green Zone .... cars, motorcycle, engines, and fuels using soybeans, vegetables, corn stalks, and all sorts of interesting inventions. Many of the exhibitors in this area were at SEMA for the first time. Here is the engine that drive American..personal innovation. Very inspiring.

And, this on a day when all the big automakers were looking for $50 BILLION in government funding, here were little entrepreneurs pointing the way to the future.

Now, I am not much of a tire guy, but when the president and CEO of Pirelli introduces their new tire lines flanked by the Pirelli girls...well it drew a crowd.

Again, being sort of a gadget nut, I was especially impressed by the cool laser tire diagnostic equipment. A long way from the old tire gauge that I used to use.

Now, I will never look at a wheel again without considering the thousands of new wheel types here at SEMA. It seemed like miles of shiny wheels. There were more wheels here than Emelda Marcus had shoes -- a lot.

And, finally, in the last hours, I watched artists ply their metal cutting and welding skills. Anyone who says that the industrial arts have all moved off shore and that Americans can't do this type of work have not been to SEMA.

I know this has had a bit of a patriotic theme; but it impressed me yesterday and I am certainly proud of the American auto and aftermarket industry.