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1995 Yamaha Yz 250 (Long Rod Stroker)

Last updated Dec 1, 2010  

Photo of a 1995 Yamaha Yz 250 (Long Rod Stroker)


Bought it in April 2010 Knowing it didn't run. I was told it needed a new piston and rings. Went over an hour out of my way to find out it needed a new crank, I figured it was a popular bike so I grabbed it anyways. Brought it back, noticed it needed a new cylinder too. I ordered all of the parts to fix it, new crank 125$, new cylinder 250$, new piston 119$. Tore the bike down, sanded off the old paint and re sprayed the frame black. Waited for the parts to come in. When they came in I realized the bike was not a 1996 like I was told. I put it all back together and the exhaust didnt fit due to the year difference. My friend and I rigged the exhaust on to break the motor in. Ran great, idled great, my friend told me he would break it in while I was at work so we could rip the next day. The next day I went to start my bike, no compression. I was enraged. Pulled the bike apart again, took the piston out and noticed it had a score down the length of it. (Upset to say the least, with a name like Wisco has I would expect better). Bought a new Namura piston for 99$ rings, cir clip and wrist pin included. Went to put it in, and it was too big, apparently yz250's had 3 different bores from the facotry (Bull****). So I had to send it back and wait for my new piston. My friend had a 2001 yz250 with a bunch of cylinder work and a long rod stroker crank in it. He got some bad piston slap and it blew apart, I spent 200$ to buy it off him. Great deal, the crank was still good, piston was in 500 pieces though, and the cylinder could be repaired. However it came with a brand new Fmf pipe that fit mine correctly and that would have been 200$ anyways so I figured I would scoop it up. I got another motor, frame, subframe, swing arm, two more wheels, the pipe, aftermarket suspension, plastics, gas tank, bark busters, skid plate, and new bars for 200$! one hell of a deal.
I now have enough parts to build another bike. 6 months later the bike ran great. Extremely fast, front end comes up in all gears like nothing. All in all it was a huge pain in the ass, and Im not totally sure it was worth it. Bike was I have just over 1200$ into it including the original cost of the bike, and now I can have two bikes so I'm not too upset about it except for the fact that the bike I had expect to be ready for summer is ready for winter haha.


2 stroke


Hotrod crank
New cylinder
Namura Piston
FmF header and silencer
FmF rear suspension
Byb front suspension imported from Australia
Excel rear rim
Renthal bars
Renthal sprockets
Renthal chain
Carbon fiber reeds