Is It Your First Harley-Davidson?

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You would imagine atypical Harley-Davidson rider to be heavy-set, muscular, middle-aged, with a long swooping mustache… or beard… or both, sunglasses, dressed in leather and little else and likely the member of a biker gang – not anymore though. The iconic motor company has lately been seeking to broaden the market to include younger riders both domestic and international.

Of course, the first requirement to fulfill in selecting your first Harley is to have successfully completed a training session for motorcycle riding and adding it to your driving license. This will also come in handy whenever you would like to rent a bike or test drive it without making an actual purchase.

When selecting a suitable Harley for yourself there are a number of factors to consider. It is important to remember that the bike is versatile enough to be tweaked and adjusted to suit your personal taste. Chances are no two Harley-Davidsons are like once they have left the dealership.

Customizing your Harley-Davidson


  • Make it fast – It’s up to you to work that engine, make some noise and have your hair destroyed by wind. There’s no shortage of tuning companies that will do the job at a very affordable price. Little changes like carburetors, ignition kits, exhaust systems etc. can be modified to create raw naked speed.


  • It can’t be all show and no go – You may fancy a particular spec on your bike that either compromise the ride, safety, functionality or overall appearance of the bike. None these is a fair trade. Make your decision for the greater good.


  • Handlebars – Part of riding a Harley is that signature position assumed by the rider. Make sure that when you sit on your bike, the handlebars are just right to set you in that grand tradition.


  • Ride height – Your height can’t be helped but the bike’s height sure can. Be sure to get this little feature absolutely right before riding it out on the road. Remember that bike probably weighs six hundred pounds plus and balancing it between two legs with the wrong ride height is not going to look pretty.


  • Center of gravity – Just like in cars, weight distribution speaks volumes of build quality and handling. The easiest way to get a feel of this is when you lift the kickstand up. Sometimes you might get bike with a heavy top end which would spoil your ride badly. Be sure to check this before making a decision.


  • Body parts – Harley Davidson accessories are about as diverse a group as you can find. This will probably be the most enjoyable part of customizing your bike as it is the one where your personality really shines through. Pretty much anything can be tinkered, painted, reshaped, readjusted to make your Harley one of a kind.

In the end what really makes a perfect Harley-Davidson is not how it has been engineered, designed, styled or powered; it is all about how it makes you feel. The customizing, tuning, tweaking and relentless adjustments ultimately count for one thing and that is pleasing the driver. Hopefully, once you are through, you’ll see what we’re on about.

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