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Motortopia Staff March 29, 2024 Press Release Motortopia Staff


Fls (Freedom Live Style) asd is pleased to present Cannonball 4×4 South Europe , the new international event dedicated to extreme off-road enthusiasts, which will be held in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region (Italy).

Having recently celebrated 10 years of activity, the Fls 4×4 association is proposing a new extreme offroad race, adding something new and exciting; something that offers the teams a new challenge to compare themselves on their driving and navigation skills, and the preparers a further test that combines technique and reliability of the vehicles, for 4 full days of immersion between km of track in search of Way points and special tests at stopwatch.

Cannonball, like the legendary race against time, to find the obligatory waypoints; 4×4 because the competition field can only be used by vehicles equipped with 4-wheel drive; extreme because the obstacles to overcome require the use of a winch and driving technique to be able to advance on the track.

4x4s, ssv and prototypes are allowed , all under 3.5t and equipped with a winch and the equipment required by the regulations.

Starting stage, podium for awards and dedicated assistance spaces for various teams will be inside the base camp which is active for all 4 days with a kiosk for lunch and dinner breaks.


On the morning of Thursday 23 May, administrative and technical checks of crews and vehicles will be held at the base camp.

The opening ceremony will take place in the afternoon, followed by the drawing of the starting numbers for the prologue with special tests to be completed within a set maximum time and which will determine the starting order of the first day of competition.

Friday 24 May will enter the highlight of the event with orientation tests (WP) and special tests (SS) from 09:00 to 17:00, with a lunch break. A night test is scheduled at 9.00 pm to conclude the day of competition.

Same program on Saturday 25 May, but without night rehearsal… celebrations at the kiosk.

On Sunday 26 May the event will see special tests in the morning and the closing ceremony with awards in the afternoon

In the orientation tests (WP) each crew will have a maximum time available to acquire all the waypoints and complete the special stages. The acquisition of the WPs will be validated by the photos taken by each crew and downloaded upon returning to the race direction.

In timed trials (SS) each crew will have a maximum time available to complete the trial.

The crew that has identified the most WPs, within the established time, or that has taken the least time to identify all the WPs, will be the winner of the test. Furthermore, you will be able to add an extra score for the special tests (SS) which will be found within the orientation tests. At the end of the day a provisional ranking will be drawn up.

The winner of the event will be the competitor who, at the end of the race, accumulates the fewest penalties, wins the most points in the tests and therefore receives the best score of the event.

Race field

The Cannonball 4×4 South Europe will run between rocks, fords, mud pits and soft terrain, there will be winch climbs and driving sections, a mix that will certainly put vehicles and crews to the test, but there will also be moments of fun in the typical Fls style Offroad.

Registrations are already open, on the website you will find the FORM to download, the REGULATIONS and all the details.

Sign up by 03/22/2024 for the reduced fee.

A maximum of 30 vehicles will be admitted.

For any information do not hesitate to contact the organization by email to:


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