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Well folks, I have to say that being broke... well, just plain sucks! I have been playing with this car for 3 years now , and it is still no where close to being done.I am getting ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning. I bought the car in 2000, paid $3000 for it , and it was a bone stock monte ss. I guess you could call it a daily driver.The wife had a 86 red ss(that she destroyed) while we dated back in 94,she traded it in for her gta in 1995 after I totaled my 1985 T/A (that I totaled right after we met, she only rode in it once, but she loved it) So, my stupidity, and her love for my T/A drove her to trade her beloved monte to try and win me over with her "gta". It worked , and we are now married with 2 children.OK enough of that rant back to the monte.
I stripped the emissions off the wimpy 305, The paint was cracking and peeling. The t-roofs leaked like a siv, The trans slipped, and it was pretty much a "super turd". The wife drove it to work everyday, and was never really in love with the car. While replacing the radiator one day after it exploded and left her stranded , I brought up the idea of a crate 350, to add a little zip to the car, hoping it may help her bond with the car, and make it a little reliable(plus she always wanted one in her old red 86). That's when it happened... that one shining moment in life when you realize , You have absolutely married the one and only perfect woman for you! She said " everyone has a crate 350 in their monte, lets put a big block in it". OMG do I love this woman! That is when it all began, the daily driver status ended, and she wanted the power. to be continued...