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Journal Entry 08/25/2006:

Today I start the official build journal of my car. This vehicle was previously owned and raced by Scott Stringham and myself in the Grassroots Motorsports $2002.00 and $2003.00 Challenges. It went from a near show car appearance to craptacular in two short years. The gentleman who owned it cut holes in the pristine interior and blew up the brand new engine.

So I start with the plan:

-Straighten out body, removing all stickers, cladding, rivets and wings. I want this to be the anti-Merkur.

-Paint a very anti-Merkur color. I am going with a color similar to that used on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmets. a very dark highly reactive pewter.

-Install subtle Ford Racing wheels.

-Install 3.8L engine and transmission from later model (1994-2004) Ford Mustang.

-Install two T3 or IHI turbochargers from turbo Fords.

-Very moderate boost and no intercooler to save weight and make good power.

-Cage interior and strengthen the structure. Painting the interior a matching sandstone or saddle tan with flat black accents on upper half of interior to reduce glare.

-Adapt for four wheel disc brakes using SVT Contour front discs being clamped by Mustang calipers and TBird rear discs and Taurus binders.

Follow along as I develop this beater into a formidable HPDE and outlaw autocrosser!