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This past Saturday our annual regional Z-car show was held in the greater Chicago area. The Windy City Z-Car club did a great job hosting the show. They picked a wonderful hotel, and we had the show at a local outdoor shopping mall, which was really great!

The weather was only fair. On Friday night it rained, so everyone who had their car all cleaned and detailed had to do it over. The mall was nearly 10 miles from the hotel, so there was a lot of detailing going on when we got to the show. As usual I didn't bother to clear the car more than superficially, because it pretty much has a 10 foot paint job. (It looks great so long as you are more then 10 feet away.) ;-)

Saturday morning there was heavy fog, and it drizzled rain all morning, so it took a good deal of work for the winners to get the cars ready to be judged. The rain stopped by noon, and the formal judging began at 1:00, so there was time for the serious contenders to get out and do their thing.

It looks like way too much work to me, but I had a great time wandering around and taking pictures!

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