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Well after 27500 original miles and 1 slipped belt later this car was ready to give up its first set of stock tires. My car still had the original 14-year-old stock tires on it; this was now a safety concern. The ride became shaky the past week or so and I knew I needed to get it checked out. When I was at my dad’s one night he was looking at them and he found a bulge on the rear passenger tire, it was a slipped belt.
I took the car in on Tuesday and had a whole new set of 4 tires on. The Ameritech tires that were on it were just to old. With one tire already having slipped a belt the others were sure to follow. So $400 later after 4 new BF Goodrich Momentum, yes white walls, and an alignment my car was ready for the road again. Its just smooth sailing, well cruising, now.