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19 MPG!! say it!! 19 MPG!! was as blown away this morning when I filled up the RX7 and went 180 miles on 9.5 gallons of gas.

I am past the 1100 mile mark and did another oil change this morning.

I have tweeked the maps a little more and I am amazed how fast the turbo spools, even at 1/2 throttle I am seeing full boost at 3K RPM's I suspect at WOT I will see full boost int he high 2K RPM which is just fantastic. This should make for a VERY quick setup.

I unplugged one of the two 11" fans I have on the radiator and I am seeing 170-180 on the engine temps now, before I was only seeing 150-160 and thats just too cool.

Radio has some interference from the engine, well, actually the Sirius is, I bought a insulator from Radio shack today and I am putting it in in the morning. I hope to be able to button up the Intake next week too after the Holiday. I have my new piping and elbow in.