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In 1974 my dad bought a slighty abused 1970 pontiac tempest 2 dr sedan. I never seen another one. For being the bottom of that platfrom peakcing order it had a quite of few opition3. 350 2 blr trubo 350 trans ps pdb deluxe 3 piont steering wheel deluxe wheel covers am radiao and I supose a heater was a stabdard option then. The Tempest had a rubber mat instead of carpet in side. i really liked the looks of the 1970 2 dr sedan tempest with minimal chrome we the exception[that the door pillars where rome pontiac dropped the tempest name plate i believe in mid 1970 and replaced it with the t-37. I 've seen 70 lemans 2 dr sedans and 70's t-37s 2dr sedans. Bu agian I have never seen a 1970 pontiac tempest 2 dr sedan or as they where refered to 2 door post.................has anyboby else seen one? my dad's was Keylime Green Metallic and course no viyl top. it had he some deluxe wheel covers as my 69 bird 400