Filed under: 2006 Honda Civic (KaSi)

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So this 'll be my first entry. So far I've only run the Si once against an 05 mazda speed miata but cut off shortly after we hit 70. My car was completely bonestock then, and i think i fared pretty well only getting pulled from just a little bit (by that i mean only having the other guy just creep past me basically)

I haven't had any track times as of yet because the nearest track is a few hours away, and every chance i've gotten to go i've either had to work or am just flat broke.

I don't really have anything major planned for my car...Definitly no ricer kart handles, spray painted body kits, hub caps or overly large rims...I'm keepin this one simple. Going to go with a bit of HFP items such as a lip kit, fog lights and have that be about it for the body. I'm tryin to keep this one as low profile as possible while still bein able to mod. So comptech exhaust and header pipes will be done...I've only had the car since April and I absolutly love it.