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We welcome all cars who have scored over 200 pts in any challenge. I was amazed to see my first challenge go as high as it did and although I'm very new to this site I've already made many friends. When The Judge went over 500 in our challenge I told him he should start a club and call it the 500 club but he'd be the only member, so we came up with this instead, so more people could join and it would still be somewhat limited to the cooler cars. It doesn't matter what crew your with, whether you're in The DAWG POUND or an OUTLAW, or whatever, we hope to bring some unity between the two groups and that people will vote in challenges for the car they honestly like... we're all guilty of this I mean I know I am, I've just been here a week and I know I've had a real integrity check. I've voted for cars that I knew shouldn't have won, and I've asked that people vote 4 me as well even though "Hishonor" is a bad machine and I knew from the moment I was challenged, I didn't have a much of a chance but I won't turn down a challenge! Win or lose, it's supposed to be fun right? Anyway we hope to have everyone who has ever scored over 200 to join so if you know someone send them an invitation. Here's the link: