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I had made it in the registration process months ago for Pinks All Out at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA with the only goal being to hopefully see my car on tv as they passed by it in the pits. My car was built heavy for street and show use - it just happens to get there quick. We've never officially raced it and it has almost no speed parts at all, cast iron crank and 2 bolt main even. We had decided to run the small block and not put in the 540.

Not only did my little car hold together but it ran 10.57, 10.55, 10.52 and then 10.60. That last pass it decided it had had enough and decided to have a small header fire (no damage) and after inspection didn't want to start. We had 6 mechanic friends as well as my husband working desperately on it in case we were picked for the Pinks Allout 32. After several "nope, it's not gonna make it" and then "well, maybe if we do this" it ended up being a bad fuel regulator with some ticking that didn't sound good but not immediately fatal. This last bit of news hit us just when we thought we were done and they called our car number the All Out 32!!!!! WE HAD MADE IT!!! Now if only we could get the car running!

Talk about people scattering trying to help. With friends help we made it to the track to run our pass. My little street/show car ended up against the top driver at our track who runs every weekend in a drag Corvette that SKIES the tires! Of course we lost - but not by much! We were just so thrilled to have even gotten that far. The Corvette driver ended up going to the final and losing to another local driver in a very fast Chevelle.

So, I got my wish - my little car will be on TV and not just a walk by in the pits! Woo Hoo!!