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ok once agin it is time to start thinking, planning, and making reservation for the 25th annual Trans Am Natinals. i will be attending with my 74 formula, i will be staying at the host hotel (marriot) with all my TAC (Trans Am Country) and members and friends.

i want to know who is going, where you are staying, and what car you are bringing. i know its to early to tell for some of you but please keep an open mind that things will get better.

i will leaving Frederick MD on Thursday aug. 27th @ O dark thirty. lol if any one is heading along the i70 west though 68 and on ward and wants to travel togather please let me know as i would love some travel buddys, or if any one is planning on attending but is not taking there car i wouldnt mind a passenger to nats.

ok guys and gals were down to the wire. whos going. whos not going. and those of you going is any one intrested in getting a group photo?