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well 2012 was a great year for me as far as cars go, i got my new SS Shadow and i put him in 11 judged shows and well i brought home best in class 9 times in a row. bought a basically stock 02 monte ss back in march for 2800 bucks and needless to say it was pretty much borked, 4 bald tires, engine that was so gunked it couldnt go over 40mph, tranny that jerked and shimmied through the gears, a bent wheel, rusted mufflers, rotors chewed almost in half, cigarette ashes inches deep all over the inside, [there were so much cig ashes that it was inside the door panels, all throughout the dash, even under the spare tire. i literally had to take out ever piece of duct work and boil it to get the stink out of the car] and a paintjob that hadnt seen a washcloth in a decade. well new wheels, tires, slotted/drilled rotors, flowmasters, engine rebuild and upgrade, tranny rebuild and upgrade, ect... Shadow has now won 9 shows, countless cruize in's, been in multiple parades, seen in 4 magazines, been on tv twice, is being used in the commercial for 2 businesses, has its picture inside over a dozen businesses, the list goes on and on. 2013 has just started and im going to my first show on the 5th and i plan to start 2013 like i ended 2012 by sucking gas, hauling ass, and bringing home the gold!