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A derelict drag car without engine or transmission has turned out to be one of the original six Pontiac Factory Super Duty Tempest coupes, and it fetched a surprising $226,521.63 when the 9-day eBay sale ended on November 9.

The seller bought the Harrison, Michigan car after the owner died, and bidding opened at a mere $500. Questions from buyers - there were 71 bids in all - determined that the car had plastic windows, a race track plaque on the dash and a heavy duty rear suspension with long rods to the front of the cabin.

Research indicates it appears to be the missing Stan Antlocer racer, which was the fastest car in its class in 1963. Midway through the sale, the seller turned down an offer of $160,000 because he was worried about negative feedback, and it looked like an expensive decision when bidding stalled at $95,000 with under seven minutes to go. But a furious rally began, and $125,000 later the gavel fell at more than $226,000.