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Driving is one of the most widespread skills that is quite easily mastered in terms of coordination between the mind and various limbs that are included in this skill. However, being mastered does not necessarily mean being learned. While most of us can simultaneously use hands, feet, eyes and ears, becoming a really skilful and wise driver is a process that lasts for ages.

Night threats

Some driving conditions are more complicated and cause-craving than others and everyone should be very careful when driving under such circumstances. One of such circumstances is the night drive. Although this kind of driving is usually portrayed and romantic and liberating, driving at night carries many hidden dangers and threats and each one of them should be always on drivers’ minds. The best option is not driving at night at all, but if you do have to go on a trip at that time, stick to some basic rules.

Mind the gap

Keeping a reasonable distance between vehicles is one of the main rules in every driving condition, but in urban traffic and in night drives its importance is doubled. When you are driving your car at night and eyes are tenser than during the day, many unexpected things can happen and your speed needs to be adjusted to the dark. Driving at high speed means less time for potential sudden reactions in all kinds of weather. At night, this is even more obvious. That is why keeping the distance is of greatest importance. It leaves you enough time for proper reactions, for immediate braking and that way you protect both yourself, your family, your car and other participants in traffic. Those who did not learn that in during their drive lessons will need to change their driving habits and master the safe distance now.

Slow down

Keeping the distance comes hand in hand with speed control. As cars are being made in a more and more sophisticated way, they are getting more and more comfortable and because of that we sometimes overestimate our motorized pet. Not adapting to the outside conditions in a particular situation might end in a fatal way. If you are driving outside Sydney or Melbourne, through a less urbanized part of Australia, a kangaroo can jump in front of your car. If it is night and you are dashing at 100 mph, it will end up terribly for both the kangaroo and you. Due to that, the night time is the right time for slowing down and staying calm and completely focused on the road. Speed limits that are put on traffic signs along the way really mean that you should drive at that speed. Experts who put them there are professionals who know vehicles and physics and road configuration very well. Following their rules is a clever thing.

Make a break

If you are a driver, you must know that feeling of superiority and excessive self-confidence when it comes to driving itself. It is very often heard how our friends, uncles and other mostly females acquaintances and relatives got from one point to another in ten consecutive ours of drive without making a break. While this insanity might be slightly less dangerous at daytime in spring, because of out overall freshness in that season, doing that in hot summer days or in winter is only insanity. Night drives are also different because you are not in your regular mood then and your body wants to sleep. What you are doing is forcing your body to stay focused and awake. We can often read about fatal outcomes of car accidents caused by sleepy and tired drivers. That is why making a break (or even more of them) is necessary during night drives.