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Another 200 miles down, and it seems like 19MPG is becoming the norm for the car. I am hoping for more in the 20's when I drive her up to NC in the spring so I can get some range out of her. When the gas light comes on I have 2 gallons left in my 14 gallon tank. If I can get 22 MPG on 12 gallons of gas that will give me a 264 mile range. Which is the same as my FJ.

It was a very uneventful drive through the Sugar lands of Florida. Pictures soon.

I gave her 1/2 throttle in second gear this morning and she urned sideways on me in a flash, it seems like this turbo spools up much faster than the old one. The power pours on fast and hard.

I did a stint along the Northeast side of the lake where I was doing 90-100 on empty roads with no one in sight.

Most of the time I was cruising along at 70-80 MPH, on very empty roads.

The little towns along the west side of the lake (Moore Haven, Lakeport and Buckhead Ridge) were pretty rough little towns, although Buckhead had a peculiar charm to it as I rode through it.

It was very cool this morning but, as I got back into Stuart it warmed up nice enough to roll both windows down and open the sunroof.

The car ran like a champ, my only concern the whole drive was the oil pressure seemed high, but then I remembered I was running 20/50 in it now so that is probably contributing to the added pressure.

I have to check the mileage but I am heading towards the home stretch. I hope to be doing some more street tuning with my mechanic / friend next weekend.