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Been awhile since i`ve been on here, busy with work these days. Just thought I`d up date my Chevelle progress. Pulled the body off the frame, had the frame powdercoated w/all the control arms, crossmember, rad support, and swaybars. Rear end built, 12 bolt posi w/331 gears, th 400 built w/2600 stall and shift kit. Had a 69 396 to build but a buddy had a built 454 short block all hi po parts fresh for a grand !! That was a no brainer, couldn`t build the 396 for that and you know what they say, "there`s no replacement for displacement !!!" Got all new suspension parts from "Performance Suspension Components" in Phoenix and getting all the brake parts in the next few weeks. Doing intake gaskets, water pump, radiator, belt, hoses, brakes and tires on my Sonoma right now, and complete front end suspension rebuild and tires on the wife`s Blazer next week, but Feb 1 the chassis is getting built, wish me luck !!!!! I`ll post pics soon.