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I no longer own a fourwheel drive truck, because of my health, but I continue to recieve a few truck magazines. I truly love all vehicles, no matter what some people on this site might think. My latest issue of Off-Road Adventures arrived a few days ago and I found this article.


I was very moved by this and I had to act. I don't know or care what your position on the war is, but if we car guys/gals can help bring home a few more of our men and women then I say we should help. They are after all giving us the freedom to be who we all are. 4wheel parts has started this donation Idea, which I think is brillant, in order for all of us to help out.

If you can't afford to buy a set on your own get some of your car buddies together and all of you pitch in what you can afford! Let's show these guys that we can all put aside our petty diffrences. Please do what you can! I posted a scan of my order just to prove to you all that I'm telling the truth. You have all been challenged!!!!