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A good friend of mine, 64_VERT_VAIR, sent out this message tonight, and it seemed so important to me that I just had to make sure everybody saw it. Now, I wouldn't beg for votes any more than Dave would but, like he says, if you should just happen to click on the link below and maybe vote impartially in the challenge for either his high-mileage old truck or MY WIFE MAXXINE's carefully maintained, economical, sporty-looking, comfortable, shiny, silver sport sedan, That would be OK with me, too! The paragraph below is Dave's message:

64_VERT_VAIR says: Every Rose has a thorn and I'm in pain. I hate it when people send out messages begging for votes so I will not stoop so low.............. but if the link "HAPPENED" to show up below and you "HAPPENED" to vote for one of the cars - I guess that would be alright.