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well me and my husband are greatly enjoying dragon birds' new body :) we have also found out some great news! one of our friends, that goes to alot of the shows we go to, knows the guy who owned our 2001 before we did. so he pretty much knows everyting that has been done to the car. he told me what kind of headers she has, but with me having the memory of a gold fish, i done forgot what kind he said they were, lol. i'm hoping he can get a hold of the guy for me cause i've got a few questions i want to ask him. i don't want to screw anything up on her. i also didn't realize the difference between the last 2 years of the T/As and the 98-2000 T/As. i knew there were some, just not the extent of them, so me and mike has made the decision not to do an engine swap. we figured it'd be best to let dragon bird keep the engine that come with her new body even though it has more miles, and just put the engine from the white one in my 67 chevy truck. both engines are in great shape, and besides, i'm a woman i have a right to change my mind, lol :) and now dragon bird's original self will live on in 2 vehicles :)